Charlie & Lucy Wedemeyer

Born in Hawaii, the youngest of nine, Charlie’s outstanding athletic talents earned him a football scholarship to Michigan State University. Chosen to the East-West Shrine Classic and the Hula Bowl, Charlie was named "Prep Player of the Decade" in the state of Hawaii. Charlie and Lucy, high-school sweethearts, were married and moved to Los Gatos, California, where Charlie eventually taught and coached at Los Gatos High School. At the age of 30, Charlie began experiencing the symptoms of ALS, and when diagnosed with the terminal illness, he given one to three years to live. Against tremendous odds, Charlie has survived and still coaches football on the junior varsity level at Los Gatos High today. Although he is on 24-hour life support and can only move his facial muscles, his spirit is indomitable. He and Lucy travel the world speaking (with Lucy reading Charlie’s lips) to share, often humorously, their moving story of hope, faith, inspiration and commitment.

Theirs is a classic drama of love and courage that will make you laugh, and cry. It will make you think. And it will change the way you look at life.

Charlie Wedemeyer Family Outreach

Founded in 1993, the Charlie Wedemeyer Family Outreach is a Christian nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight ALS. Birthed out of the Wedemeyers’ personal struggles in dealing with this terrible illness, the goal of CWFO is to offer hope to other ALS patients and their families by raising funds, by increasing awareness, and by way of example. CWFO is also committed to motivate youth to reach their full potential.

Raising Funds
Funds are raised for local ALS patient services (ALS Association - Bay Area Chapter) and for cutting edge ALS research.

Increasing Awareness
The Wedemeyers travel all over the country and abroad speaking at many events including medical conferences, ALS support groups, schools, churches, prisons, youth organizations, and major corporations. Their Emmy Award winning story has been featured on the PBS documentary "One More Season", the CBS television movie "Quiet Victory ", and on Oprah. It has been featured on radio including Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family and Family Life Today. This story is also featured in print including the Zondervan published autobiography "Charlie’s Victory." A new documentary is currently in the making. The CWFO newsletter reaches approximately 5,000 homes. The CWFO website now reaches the world.

By Way of Example
Charlie and Lucy have opened their home to people who have traveled from all over the nation and from as far away as Japan to see first hand how the Wedemeyers manage. Although hooked up to a ventilator and unable to do anything for himself, Charlie goes to great lengths to continue to coach football at Los Gatos High School. It takes three hours to get Charlie ready each day, yet he attends daily practices and loves to have his players over for dinner (which he prepares!), taking great satisfaction in mentoring them about their responsibilities as leaders. The Wedemeyers have made great efforts to travel - as far as England, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Holland – to share their message, to speak at conferences, and to visit other ALS families. Charlie says, "I live to give others hope." He is a living testament that, with God, all things are possible.

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